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How Far is Watford from London? 

Watford is a town brimming with diverse attractions and cultural gems waiting to be explored. Whether you are a tourist seeking to journey to visit local attractions or a Londoner escaping the bustle of city life it is useful to understand the distance between Watford and London before you set off. 

In this article, we will explain the distance between London and Watford in various transport options and how to get to key attractions from transport hubs. Also, how Ambers can help you reach your final destination in comfort.

Watford is situated in Hertfordshire within the M25 motorway, 20 miles from central London. As London is such a large city, if we measure the distance from the closest London borough of Harrow it is 8 miles from Stanmore. 

Depending on the mode of transport and destination travel between London and Watford can vary in travel time.

Transport Options from London


The quickest way to travel between Watford and London is on the train. There is a direct train between London Euston and Watford Junction with West Midlands Railway which takes 14 minutes to complete your journey.


Watford has three stations on the London Underground: 

  • Watford (Metropoliton Line)
  • Watford Junction (Overground Line)
  • Watford High Street (Overground Line)

So, depending on where you are travelling from or to, travel times will vary. For example, Euston Square to Watford Underground station will take 50 minutes. Euston to Watford Junction on the Overground Line will take 46 minutes with a trip to Watford High Street Station a bit quicker at 43 minutes


Driving to Watford from London can be much slower than rail or tube travel. Between Euston and Watford the most direct route is via the A41 and the M1 with a travel time of 40 minutes without traffic. With traffic, your journey can take up to one hour and five minutes. So, we would recommend travelling via rail or tube, depending on your origin point. 

Once in Watford you can walk or get a Watford taxi with Ambers to reach your destination. 

How to Get to Watford’s Local Attractions

Now you are in Watford, you might be wondering how to get to the best places to visit in the town.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour: Harry Potter Studios

Venture into the enchanting world of Harry Potter as the Warner Brothers Studio Tour unveils the magic behind the scenes of the global film series. From intricately crafted sets to iconic props, this tour promises a spellbinding experience for fans and cinema enthusiasts alike.

To get to Warner Bros Studio Tour visitors have several options. Parking is free for ticket holders and there is a free shuttle bus service every 30 minutes from Watford Junction Station. However, if you are not travelling from Watford Junction the tour is in Leavesden, an inconvenient location for public transport. 

Booking a taxi to the Warner Bros Studio Tour from anywhere in Watford and the surrounding area allows you to arrive on time ready for your tour of the Harry Potter film sets! The attraction has specific drop-off and pick-up points for booked taxis, which will be explained to you by your driver.

warner bros studios watford

Cassiobury Park

Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Cassiobury Park. This verdant oasis offers not only a breath of fresh air but also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting an array of flora and fauna. The park also houses a golf club, a kid’s playground, and a bandstand which regularly hosts live music, as well as Cassiobury Weir.

Visitors from London to Cassiobury Park in Watford should try to arrive at Watford Underground Station. It is conveniently located on the doorstep of a beautiful natural area. 

If you are travelling from further afield or have mobility issues, booking a taxi to Cassiobury Park is a good idea. 

atria Watford

For those inclined towards retail therapy and gastronomic delights, atria Watford is the place to be. Indulge in a shopping spree or savour culinary delights in this vibrant hub at the heart of Watford.

Watford High Street Underground Station is the perfect place to hop off the train to visit atria. But there is also parking at Palace Car Park, Charter Car Park, Kings Car Park and Queens Car Park. However, taxis from Ambers are available to pick up shoppers at their leisure to get a helping hand with their shopping spree!

Cheslyn House & Gardens

Step back in time at Cheslyn House & Gardens, where historic charm meets lush greenery in the 3.5-acre house. Explore the well-preserved gardens and discover the botanical diversity that graces this hidden gem.

Getting to Cheslyn House is best suited for walking 30 minutes from Watford Junction Station or getting a taxi. There is a small car park and limited roadside parking but you may risk not finding a space. 

Watford Palace Theatre

As the cultural heartbeat of Watford, the Watford Palace Theatre hosts an array of performances and events. Immerse yourself in the arts and witness the vibrant cultural scene that Watford has to offer.

Getting to Watford Palace Theatre is relatively easy from Watford Junction Station with an 8-minute walk. However, if you are dressed to the nines for a delightful night at the theatre, booking a taxi will avoid the walk to Clarendon Road. 

Vicarage Road Stadium

Home to Watford FC, Vicarage Road, or The Vic, bounces with energy on match days, with home and away fans creating an incredible atmosphere.

Right next to Watford General Hospital the closest tube station to Vicarage Road is Watford High Street a 15 minute walk. Parking is restricted on match days so booking a taxi to The Vic to the ground might be a more convenient option for fans.

Booking a Taxi with Ambers

Ambers Taxi Service provides comfort and convenience for travellers around Watford. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers, every ride promises a journey of utmost ease.

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